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Who will benefit?

Senior Management

  • Change Management
  • Boardroom Leadership
  • CEO and MD Training
  • Director Level Programs

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Middle and First Line

  • Change Management
  • Business Leadership
  • Strategic Delivery
  • Planning and Deciding

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Fast-Track Talent

  • Fast-Track your Career
  • Leadership Tool Kit
  • Team Management

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Leadership Culture

  • Result-Driven Programs
  • Culture Strengthening
  • International Teams
  • Business Transformation

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Public Programs

Governing Change

London 2014 - 12 June 2014
World's best, senior level, leadership and change management program

Securing the Future 

London 2014 - 18 June, 2014
Strategic Thinking, Decision Making and Time Usage for senior executives

Foundations of Management 

London 2014 - September 2014
Leadership and management for those beginning a career in management

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Senior Management Programs

Challenging and demanding senior management development for board members and operational heads.

Three Principal Programs:
Governing Change
Securing the Future
Strategic Thought and Action

Who will benefit?
In modern business environments senior people often arrive at the head of their organization as a result of pure technical ability. No wonder they feel less equipped to lead and manage the powerful egos and strong personalities found in the boardroom. Mitchell Phoenix programs provide senior executives with the toolkit needed to lead and manage a senior team. As one client recently quipped: "Mitchell Phoenix teach what you can't get from business school and don't learn in the workplace, absolutely indispensible."

Who trains your MD?
Mostly it will be no one, the Chairman or a business school! Very little relevant and useful training is available to the most senior executive. Mitchell Phoenix provide just that, eminently useful, relevant and guaranteed to produce results.

Middle and First Line

Intensive leadership and management development for middle and first line managers.

Two Principal Programs:
Governing Change - for managers of managers
Foundations of Management - for managers of staff

Why these programs?
Your vision, your leadership, your attitude, your quality of thought and communication profoundly influences how effective your company can be. Your management example determines the responsiveness, strength and vitality of the business. These programs furnish you with an opportunity to reassess and make improvements to the way you do business - a sound and essential investment in your company’s future.

Why are these programs effective?
• They generate measurable results - both personally and corporately
• Value gained is a direct result of your effort and application of the material to the challenges you face at the time
• A rare opportunity to develop within your peer group in a way that is supportive, demanding and appropriate

Fast-Track Talent

Typically first line managers learn how to lead through their own experience – on the job, by trial and error. Our programs speed up this process, rapidly developing skill, confidence and maturity in executives marked out as future leaders of your business. 

Principal Program:
Foundations of Management 

What can you expect from this program?
A complete leadership and management approach, developed over the five month duration of the program as you create the results you require in your workplace.

• Greater confidence in managing important relationships
• Skill in encouraging best performance from staff
• Accelerated development of your ability to influence beyond your area
• Improved management of meetings
• Secure framework for running appraisals and 1:1 coaching sessions
• Firm grasp of the essentials of interviewing and promoting others
• Increased effectiveness and confidence when communicating to groups
• Enhanced time management skills

Leadership Culture

How do we build your leadership culture?

• Top Down - We ensure that senior managers are well schooled in the principles of leadership and can support the changes necessary for your business

All Levels - As the senior team begin to practice the same themes, ideas and approaches, new methods are rapidly assimilated into the culture of the business and become the new normal way of working.

A Common Management Language and Approach - Through the shared experiences of seminar, the application of ideas and the search for results, your people develop a common language based on universal principles of leadership and management.

Focus on Output not Input - High quality, proven content is delivered in such a way that you can concentrate on using it to create business results from Day 1.

Creating and Reporting Results - Between the seminars, delegates are asked to apply the material to the live issues they face in the workplace and create results. These results are then reported back to the group, reinforcing the transfer of learning and creating a wider understanding of the subjects.


"This is a must-do course for anyone serious about changing culture and performance."

Adrian Sewell, Operations Director Stanley / Blick

"The Governing Change training course has equipped our managers with the necessary tools to manage their teams and achieve a high level of success. It enables all of us to take a consistent approach when managing our people."

Andy Howitt, Regional Director Aalco

"Governing Change really does provide essential practical training for existing and potential leaders, filling in the gaps that MBAs and other academic courses leave untouched."

Charles Price, CEO Oil and Pipelines Agency

"A 6 month Mitchell Phoenix management program that, frankly, changed my life. It broadened my outlook and since completing it my enthusiasm soared and the techniques he showed us to deal with difficult or sensitive management challenges have been invaluable to me, and of course my business."

Ian Ford, Managing Director Watts International

"This is the best year we've had, and it's down to me being a better manager."

Lisa Norris, Managing Director Christy Group

"Alderley recognizes that the quality and attitude of its people directly impacts on the customer experience and the bottom line. The Mitchell Phoenix Governing Change Program was a key element of our development process that has equipped our management team with new leadership and organizational skills as well as a common operating framework that has made a significant contribution to our success and optimism for the future.”

Nick Hull, Managing Director Alderley Dubai

"Governing Change is a superb senior management training course which I have used for my managers in many companies, all who take part gain great benefit. One of the unique features of this is that it is done over 6 months, 1 day per month which allows the techniques and training to be used in between sessions and each manager reports back on their 
successes, embedding the techniques much better that the normal 3/4 day courses."

Ross Stuart, Interim CEO - Linpac, Astir, Westinghouse, Crompton, Invensys, Alderley

"Foundations of Management builds on the CIMA qualification, creating more productive, efficient and effective management and strengthening results."

Sonia Cudd, Financial Controller Canopius KGM

"Mitchell Phoenix assisted in creating a common management culture, a greater focus on results, heightened awareness of adding value, much greater focus on planning and preparedness, more focused communications and ultimately, increased effectiveness within the business."

Stuart Taylor, Managing Director HSBC Private Bank CI

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