12 Apr 2017

A Lifetime of Meetings

Think forward from now to the end of your career. Between now and then, how much time will you spend in meetings? It is possible that a manager and leader might spend 1500 hours each year in meetings. Over ten years that amounts to almost two whole years of life!!!!

How will the quality of the meetings you run and attend affect the quality of your results and perhaps more critical – the quality of your life? Also, what could you do to make your attendance more valuable and gain more from others?
If we’re going to spend so much of our lives in meetings, and if they’re going to play a part in our success, it’ll be worth doing everything we can to ensure they’re as effective as possible. What opportunities are available to you in the coming weeks to reshape the culture around meetings? For example

Preparation (yes again)
For which meetings could participants be more prepared, including you?

What can be done to infuse a sense of purpose in your meetings

How could you make the agendas clearer and the discussion more focused?

Finally: At the end of each meeting make an agreement with those who have actions to take that there will be no surprises relating to the work not done. If it proves impossible to complete, then make contact beforehand and agree new goals. Your job in the interim is to be available, their job is to complete the actions.

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