Business leadership is not magic. Sound management practice is not a secret.

The skills and attitudes required by both are known and are available to all who have the will to learn and to apply them. Most sporting heroes know that hard work and the acquisition of skill are the two most important components of success. Leadership and management are the same.

We provide the world’s best leadership and management development vehicles by building and delivering programmes that are equal to the challenges facing modern business leaders. In each series of seminars we create a practical, intellectually challenging, high performance and high output environment that enables ambitious managers and business leaders to fulfill their potential.

Company History

Mitchell Phoenix was set up to bridge the gap in senior level development between single-subject short courses and MBA overkill. Our business is shaped by three influences:

  • We believe that people learn only from their experiences and design and build development programmes that demand this of our delegates.
  • We learned our tradecraft in a Swiss training consultancy 30 years ago and remain committed to the importance of quality and repeatability learned through that experience.
  • We expect talented and ambitious executives to build on their existing capabilities. We speak to them as equal partners in their development and are as demanding of them as our customers are of us.

The Team