CEO/Managing Director’s Programme – Europe – USA – Asia

Leading the board for far greater effect

Who is this course for?

Ambitious senior executives responsible for strategic direction. This programme is conducted one-to-one with the CEO/MD/GM over 6, half-day sessions. These meetings are not a 'mini MBA' but much more useful in the day to day management of the board and the business. The most senior executive will build on their existing experience closing the gaps between their knowledge and their ability to deploy their skills. They will notice an immediate improvement in all aspects of their role from mobilising high-performance people to communicating with the wider business community. This course has been described as "way more useful than an MBA, what they don't teach you at business schools".


To equip the CEO/MD/GM with the skills and disciplines required to meet the demands of leading a senior group. Ideally suited to those who wish to rapidly advance ahead of their experience


The delegate will create visible and tangible results immediately after the first seminar. ideas and concepts will be  applied in the workplace and reported on to their line managers. You can expect:

Seminar One – Key and Fundamental Principles of Management Affirming and strengthening the fundamentals of change management

Seminar Two – Securing Better Board Performance Building a stronger, future focused, fully engaged group

Seminar Three – Leadership of the Board Bringing visible leadership to all aspects of change management

Seminar Four – The Quality of Personal Impact Becoming more influential in managing a senior group

Seminar Five – Governing Change Building corporate culture

Seminar Six – Securing the Future Review and decisions for the future