Governing Change – London

Leading, Directing and Mobilizing your people

Who is this for?

Ambitious senior executives wishing to master their career in leadership


To equip senior managers with the skills attitudes and disciplines that will take their careers to the highest possible levels.


Delegates will create visible and tangible results immediately after the first seminar. Ideas and concepts will be  applied in the workplace and reported on to their line managers. You can expect:

  • Increased strategic awareness
  • Delegation is enhanced, departments & divisions grow in confidence and ability
  • Objectives are communicated and teams mobilised more effectively
  • Individuals learn to manage their wider influence
  • Senior level staff are challenged to deliver greater performance
  • The wider divisional staff perform at a higher level
  • The Leadership example is visible and appropriate
  • The culture strengthens tangibly and results are more predictable

Seminar One – Key and Fundamental Principles of Management Affirming and strengthening the fundamentals of change management

Seminar Two – Securing Better Performance Building a stronger, future focused, fully engaged group

Seminar Three – Leadership and Management Bringing visible leadership to all aspects of change management

Seminar Four – The Quality of Personal Leadership Becoming more influential in managing a senior group

Seminar Five – Governing Change The application of leadership in strategic change management

Seminar Six – Securing the Future The importance of leadership and management to your business future

Clients describe this programme as providing the crucial, and more useful skills, not covered by MBA. Where the MBA is a theoretical exercise, Governing Change is a practical programme of personal leadership development and is rooted in creating business results.