Refresher Day – London

Refresher Day

Who is this course for?

Graduates of the Mitchell Phoenix Governing Change programmes, including Foundations of Management.


To refresh the skills, principles and disciplines that graduates have mastered from Governing Change and to raise them to a higher level of effectiveness.


Delegates will be reminded of the principles that underpin strong and effective leadership and will leave the day motivated to apply these principles more widely and to create stronger business results
  • Increased awareness of the principles of leadership
  • The delegate’s personal leadership example is made more visible and appropriate
  • Delegates will increase their confidence to bring all business encounters to a faster conclusion and a more advantageous result
  • The five core business meetings will yield quicker and better results
  • Delegates will make a stronger contribution to the business culture
The wider business culture strengthens tangibly and results are more predictable.


  • Developing the three principle components of any project - goals, resources and plan
  • The idea of people 'potential' - our chief ally in organizational growth
  • V=R
  • Defining the responsibility of management
  • Delegation, raising the levels of mo;va;on and commitment; building strength
  • C.I.A. – The habit of ‘purpose’
  • Recruitment in line with strategy
  • Developing staff inline with strategy – appraisal and coaching meetings
  • Business Progress meetings – the crucial role culture plays in business success
  • Reprimand – The use of principles in governing behaviour
  • Dismissal – a crucial tool in Governing Change