Securing the Future – London

From Leader to Strategist

Who is this course for?

Ambitious senior executives responsible for strategic direction.


To equip ambitious managers with the skills and discipline of strategic thinking and meet the demands of leadership and management in terms of their ability to formulate a vision of the future and a strategy to meet it.  This programme is unique in content, structure and delivery. no other programme addresses strategic thinking in such a practical and work based way.


Delegates will create visible and tangible results immediately after the first seminar. ideas and concepts will be  applied in the workplace and reported on. You can expect:

  • A full understanding of the purpose of management
  • A grip on the vague language of Strategy and an understanding of how it can work for you
  • Leaders becoming strategists developing an ability to think strategically in all situations
  • A usable definition of strategy and how to mobilise others towards it
  • A commitment to forward movement based on strategic aims
  • Greater focus and decisiveness
  • A skilled approach to time usage, distribution and allocation
  • How to build a 'fast' culture in your organisation
  • Managing strategic misalignment
  • Creating a strategic approach to the business structure
Seminar One - Becoming a strategist Developing the ability to think strategically Improving both strategic and tactical decision making Seminar Two - Strategic Time Usage Building a strategic approach to time usage and effectiveness Developing crucial and unique contribution Seminar Three - Building a creative and strategic culture Building a creative management culture - from ideas to results and organizational Effectiveness