29 Jun 2016

Fear, Uncertainty and Governing Change

As a Nation, the United Kingdom has made the most momentous decision in my lifetime and, for good or bad (depending on how you voted personally), we face a period of adjustment followed by a period of great change.

I predicted in my last post, that the strategists among you will have done your scenario planning and will be thinking, and even acting, on the outcome of the referendum. You could be making the first subtle moves that provide the basis for new trading relationships or considering what the implications are for your supply chains.

All change brings opportunity and opportunity for us means growth in advantage and profit.

I expect we will become stronger at some point and imagine that there will be an accompanying struggle when mistakes will be made and deals lost.

So what can be done to maximise the gain and minimise loss?

Here are my three recommendations:

1. Pay attention to the details. Change also brings uncertainty in outcome and (according to my charming event manager on my last trip to Atlanta) “God is in the detail”.

2. Focus your whole team on building solutions, make problem solving the highest priority and reward every newly conceived success, no matter how trivial.

3. Learn from yesterday, that is; the immediate past – not what happened over the last decade or even last year. Plan for tomorrow and drive activity levels to even greater heights.

Govern this Change.

You can learn more about this in our Governing Change programme.