27 Jul 2016

By creating a demanding culture, we expose our people to the principal barrier to success – fear.

That fear exists in some form in all of us.

It may be fear of the future, fear of how we will be judged, fear of what people will say about us, fear of the truth, fear of our new situations, decisions and risks.

In company life, the manifestations of fear are complex and varied.  Fear can result in ‘resistance to change': it can ruin delicate negotiations, lose clients and markets, or subvert a presentation.

Unless this subconscious tendency is first recognised and then controlled, it will inhibit, to a greater or lesser degree, the positive energy which exist in human beings.

A key part of the manager’s role is to channel the potential aggressiveness hidden beneath the fear of employees into a positive, constructive force.

To achieve this, managers must:

  • Create a positive and demanding culture
  • Set an example of self-control and courage
  • Help employees overcome obstacles and make difficult decisions
  • Recognise individual effort and praise them when they succeed

“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”

Edmund Burke, 1756