29 Mar 2017

Get to the Point!

When you have difficult decisions to communicate in the coming weeks, remember to:

  • Recognise the continued contribution of the person/group involved – build their confidence and courage
  • Get straight to the point and communicate the decision/bad news. (Demand the utmost of yourselves in this)
  • Demand the utmost of others – by asking for their commitment to the new goal, and for their ideas on how to get there
  • Provide help if needed – by agreeing concrete next steps and dates for follow-up, so they can organise their diaries and see objectively to what extent they are delivering to the brief you have agreed

Don’t try to hide it.
If you make a mistake in this period, admit your error in the same way – straight to the point. Any attempt to cover it up is sure to be discovered sooner or later. The cover-up will then provide one of the most powerful lessons your people ever learn: when we make a mistake the best thing to do is try to hide it!

Seriously, the faster mistakes are dealt with the better your business, it improves almost all aspects of what you do and how you do it; deeper learning, a strong example, mistakes dealt with early are the least costly, customers admire your honesty and ability to make corrections…The list goes on.

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