24 Jan 2018
I Wonder If You Wonder

I Wonder If You Wonder?

And so, it begins, 2018 is upon us and already is living up to its promise as a year of rapid and consequential change.

Perhaps unprecedented – this is what I wonder about, just how iconoclastic 2018 will be? What are you thinking?

Carillion is about to go down in flames liberating several billion pounds worth of Government contracts back into the hands of its competitors who trod more cautiously and, without knowing it at the time, will be the winners. It seems our appetite for bailing out those companies that were deemed “too big to fail” has deserted us this time around and Carillion will be broken up, assets sold and the business distributed to others. (Apparently the ‘Pro-Remainers’ are blaming Brexit – well they would wouldn’t they).

What I am certain about is that the Public and Private sectors will survive this set back and will probably find new and better ways to deliver what Carillion ultimately could not.

The wheels will not fall off.

The exchange rate premium continues as the pound remains solidly undervalued and currently outweighs the additional costs of imported materials and services and may continue. The economists of course argue that this is a free lunch and should be treated with suspicion as it tricks us into thinking we are more productive when, as a nation, we are not.

Your people have to be equal to the challenges they face.

The pace of change in all sectors of business is now so rapid that to remain ‘as we are’ is a dangerous and probably terminal strategy.

In no area of commerce, whether it is manufacturing, service industry or channel marketing is it possible to be successful without relentless innovation, change and improvement. Whatever your strategy might be, your people have to be equal to it, driving it forward and predicting what has to be changed for the future.

Everyone should be learning something – all the time.

It is almost impossible to imagine that this dynamism can be achieved without a continuous investment in learning at all levels within a business. In most cases that learning can be provided in the workplace by on the job training carried out by those already experienced.

But where can managers learn leadership skills?

This is a specialist area that requires insight, a deep understanding of how human beings interact, skills in coaching and mentoring and an ability to unlock the potential that exists in a widely disparate group of individuals.

These skills are rarely found within the business and those who have them are already too busy guiding and driving the venture to be in the classroom teaching others.

The Mitchell Phoenix Governing Change programme is still the best and most useful leadership programme available to you and your teams for 2018.