31 Jan 2017

Let’s Allow Some Failure…

I imagine that you could remember a number of encounters that changed the way that you think and behave. These may have been in a social context or in your business life. What they will share will be in the vivid recollection more than the content – that will change from person to person.

I ask delegates in our seminars if they can recall a time when their Boss took a risk and accepted some of their unproven proposals and all of them can. These Bosses need a round of applause as they contributed in a profound way to the education of their staff, the shaping of talent and the building of confidence in those who may appreciate it only later in their careers.

They took these risks knowing that the personal development of their staff was more important in the longer term than the secure outcome of a particular task in the short term.

Bravo, we should take our steer from these people.

The boss does not need to know everything, jump the highest, run the fastest and be able to perform every task in the facility; it would be a foolish aspiration and impossible.

If you manage staff then you are surrounded by people who know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, use their talent, accept their proposals and nurture them just as someone nurtured you. Take some risks and allow some failure to educate your group.

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