27 Sep 2018

It’s All About The Mitchell Phoenix Alumni!

If you are reading this as one of our past delegates, then you are a key part of the Mitchell Phoenix Alumni, regardless of whether your participation was this year, last year, 5, 10 or 20 years ago!

This is a unique and diverse community with so much to offer.

Recently, we have been asking ourselves a couple of questions:

-How could we facilitate further support and value to this special post grad community?

-What level of appetite is there?

Since joining Mitchell Phoenix at the start of our long hot Summer, many of you have fed back the lasting positive impact the programmes have had on you and how much learning has been retained, which says much about the level of learning application, which in turn says even more about the quality of the content and the practical way it’s delivered.

Having enjoyed a good level of interaction, whether in meetings, on the phone, electronically via email or LinkedIn with past delegates, here are a few observations:

  • There’s a common language & understanding…. ‘ What do you propose?’, ’Concrete communication’, ‘Governing Change’
  • Clients have adopted Mitchell Phoenix principles into their values & cultures
  • A belief in the content, which supports a willingness to make behavioural change, then followed by an acceptance that it’s improved results
  • A loyalty, respect & affinity towards Mitchell Phoenix and the expert facilitation
  • A very diverse client base – financial, construction, manufacturing, retail, consultancy, technology, medical, education, utilities…. relevance across all sectors

What we can conclude, is that a group of this scale with such diverse expertise, bound by common principles and values has an immeasurable amount to offer itself.

Many of you have raised the opportunity for us all to benefit more from our alumni community and those that haven’t may share similar views.

So, the purpose of this month’s newsletter, is to share this with you and to start canvassing for your thoughts and ideas on this subject.

To add some further stimulus, here are a couple of suggestions some of you have put forward on more than one occasion recently:

  1. To have an ‘opt in’ Alumni directory or online site where those that want to, could connect and network with each other.
  2. Provision of an audio refresher covering the key principles that could be listened to whilst commuting.

The ideas that have the highest probability of being delivered will be the ones that have the broadest appeal and are resource friendly.

We’d also be very happy to accept any Alumni help that supports our aims with any initiatives!

So don’t delay, we would very much value any thoughts and contributions you have, either by email, phone or LinkedIn.

Email – jamie@mitchellphoenix.com

Call – Jamie 07941 535837

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/jamiechisholm-mitchellphoenix send a message or add a comment to this post