Our New York Courses

Governing Change – USA

20th November 2018
6 days over 6 months

CEOs, Directors, Leaders

The world's best and most complete, high level, leadership programme for 'Managers of Managers". Presidents, PDGs, MD's CEO's and Board Directors -whatever else you may have done in your development this course will fill the gaps and further your understanding of the ethics of leadership and the disciplines of management. A highly demanding and challenging programme comprising 6 seminars over a six month period.

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Securing the Future – New York

22nd September 2016
3 days over 4 months

CEOs, Directors, Leaders - In-House groups

An intensive course developed for Senior level executives who have strategic responsibility or wish to acquire it. Securing the future is not a 'mini MBA' as it teaches practical skills rather than theory, enabling the ambitious leader to become a highly effective strategist. It's a personally demanding and intellectually challenging programme that completes any "Manager of managers" professional development.

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Foundations of Management – New York

3rd November 2016
5 days over 5 months

High Potential People

This is a program for high potential junior and middle managers, identified for fast track development. Through the program, delegates will further develop their leadership ability, management discipline and organisational skillset. Essential for ambitious people who wish to fast track their understanding of leadership and the disciplines associated with managing effectively. This program offers a substantial advance on typical in-house management and skillset courses.

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Managing Director’s Programme – New York

21st September 2016
6 days over 6 months

For CEO MD Level Executives.

This focused One to One training program addresses the key issues of the Chief Executive officer and the Managing Director. Best suited to recent appointees or existing leaders who wish to hone their skills, this demanding programme enables CEO's to 'Manage the Board', strengthening leadership and strategic focus to highly significant effect.

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