01 Mar 2017

Praise and Recognition: The mechanics

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Praise and recognition is the number one tool at our disposal for releasing energy and motivation in our staff. Who in your team deserves recognition for effort or praise for results achieved? Who is working on a particular aspect of their style or approach, and should be complimented on the progress they are making?

Fulfil two Functions
1. Praise is the number one tool available to you to release energy and motivation in your people
2. Praise educates the people around you regarding what you like about their approach and encourages them to do more of it!
The Nuts and Bolts
Praise and recognition only work if they are:

Concrete – no more vague comments, what exactly was praiseworthy about what this person did?

Timely – don’t wait, if praise is due give it now!

Focused on specific areas they value, see below…

Know your People

Praise and recognition are most effective when targeted at specific areas which staff feel strongly about. How well do you know your people and what they value about their contribution? Take opportunities to ask open questions and find out more about your people over the coming weeks. Running mini appraisals provides an excellent opportunity to do this.

I made a presentation to a large client group about 18 months ago and included a piece on praise. Before I got into my stride a delegate popped up and told this story:

“I worked for a manager who enjoyed the nickname ‘Steakhouse’. He acquired this through his annoying habit of wandering around the facility saying “well done” to all and sundry; and once to the photocopier”.

It also has to be real.

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