26 Apr 2017

Principles of Operation – Creating the Conditions for High Performance

Broad operating principles, which could apply to anyone in any organisation, exist to provide guidance in decision-making. Also to help others to understand fully what type of behaviour is expected of them and how they could contribute more fully to the business.

Broad principles of this kind include:

  • We do everything we can to create an environment in which others can excel
  • We do everything we can to ensure the long term commercial relationship with our clients
  • We do everything we can to do our jobs, and to help others do their jobs

Principles of operation are useful not only when correcting behaviour, but also when setting out how groups within an organisation will work together – whether that is establishing how whole departments will deliver to each other over a period of years, or how two individuals will approach a one-month project.

Where principles of operation have not been agreed from the outset, departments, teams or individuals can perceive other departments, teams or individuals as under-performing, when they may simply be working to a different standard.

Check others’ commitment to principles of operation by asking a closed question – “Do you agree on the principle (add yours here)?”

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