22 Jun 2016

Ready, Steady… The Referendum.

There, I’ve said it.

Here are some quotes:

“The biggest decision I will ever make”.

“The most divisive issue the United Kingdom will face in our lifetime”.

“A shameful display of opportunism, at the expense of the British people”.

“I don’t care, it won’t make any difference to me”.

What ever your views are and however you view the whole concept of referenda, you will almost certainly be thinking about what changes the outcome will trigger.

Those of you for whom strategic thinking is a habit, will have been considering the various scenarios for some time and may have put an initiative in place to reveal what the opportunities might be for either outcome.

If we remain, you will have choices to consider some of which will bring profit.

Simple examples of this might be currency hedging, stock holding of EU products, client and account management issues – pricing panics and re-negotiations etc.

If we leave, the outcomes may be no less tangible just (maybe) less predictable and may include alternative sourcing strategies, alternative selling strategies, new sales territories and so forth, you know better than I.

If you subscribe to the idiom that all change produces opportunity then we stand on the threshold of opportunity in a profound way.

The strategists know this and are ready, steady and will go with whatever decision is made.