30 Nov 2017
The Production of Ideas

The Production of Ideas

My recent work with groups of junior management has revealed a number of insights that I would like to share with you.

The first of these concerns their abilities as developing managers.

It is my observation that this generation of 25-35 year olds have great facility to learn and improve, they approach subjects with open minds and an appreciation that their past experience can always be improved upon.

They are comfortable with the idea that they do not yet understand many of the concepts discussed and are willing to test theory and draw new conclusions. An example of this is their attitudes towards mistakes and their willingness to own up to their responsibilities.

Unlike their previous generation, they do not seek to hide their faults or cover up failures, they laugh them off and move on easily.

The second of my insights concerns the generation of ideas.

I cannot say whether or not this generation of new managers have better or more ideas that any other, I doubt they do. What they have is an unfettered curiosity and an understanding that ideas are the way in which businesses grow performance.

All progress in business demands ideas to enrich decisions that otherwise would be re-iterations.

This new generation of managers are already open and most convinced that competitive advantage comes from ideas.

If your business is to thrive, grow and yield consistent profit in this most uncertain of times, the production of ideas must be made a priority. On how to do this, consider running your new generation of managers through our Foundations of Management programme.